About Manglam Associates & Builders

Manglam Associates & Builders is a blooming real estate located in Delhi provides you with the unique and strategically excellent services. We have adapted ourselves to the growing demands of the clients and their change of tastes and choices when it comes to buying or renting a house. The dynamic nature of the market wants different facilities each day, and keeping all that in mind, we present you Manglam Associates & Builders which binds itself with strong and advanced technologies.
The clients have always been provided with a stringent details of our services, hence our team never keep our clients in a void, because when we see a smiling face reflecting the emotion of satisfaction from our clients, that's when our work receives credit. With a decade of experience and efficient team who refuse to face situations of no-win game, we gift you our services, while you commence a brand new start.


"Quality of life is enriched by quality of home". Materials of the higher quality are utilized by us. Because we believe that the quality of life is enriched by the quality of your home. We never compromise on quality. We at Surya believe that quality is always the result of earnest and intelligent effort to achieve a superior result."


It is the quality of workmanship that makes construction superior. Key to our effort is our own people, whose talent and creativity are dedicated to doing their best at all times. Knowledge, talent, experience, sincerity and dedication are the key words of our team.

Core Value

Integrity: We hold the highest standards of integrity in our work
Passion: We're driven by our passion to innovate and solve problems.
Quality: We always bring our a-game to the table serving high quality work.
Commitment: We keep our promises. Always.
Reliability: Our relationship with our clients is founded on trust and respect.